As a small business we are very concerned for the health and safety of all our customers, friends and families. I am committed to reducing the impact of Covid-19 / Coronavirus. Bicycles are a healthy outlet for the trying times ahead, get outside and enjoy some early spring weather. We will be following a strict CDC/NH State protocol inside the shop. Curbside drop off and pickup of tuneups will be available. Also limited Pickup and delivery locally of bicycles. Contact me by message for availability and times. 603-833-6263 There will be no group rides or events until future notice, sorry. (go ride by your bad own self, I am) We will continue to post information on our pages as things develop. Smells great in here, covering up the rubber tire and desperation scent real good! #1 We are limiting the number of people in the store, clean up at and after all contact and work. Please be patient. #2 Bathroom is closed to the public for now. #3 No hanging out for a while, you know who you are. #4 All group events are on hold. Fun times? Better to be safe, our best to all our riders and families. Peace

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