SATURDAY MAY 23rd at BEAR BROOK STATE PARK. Surly bicycles and Tri-City Bicycles will be hosting a thing. You will be able to test ride some bicycles…FAT BIKES and other bikes too. Lucky you! Instagator? Heck yes! Krampus Ops? Sure thing! Karate Monkey Ops? Why not! Start your adventure at the Hayes Field lot above the Hiker/Biker lot. lot at 9am….Come and hang out with us, ride a bicycle, listen to some of T$’s music, have a snack and a drink…get some swag!
trevor he can be nice.
bob he can be naughty.
This is going to be a good time. Ride and learn all about SURLY! Ask all the dumb questions you were afraid to ask on that forum on the internet, get a answer and a possible eye roll.

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